Terry & Aaron - Northcote House, Berkshire Wedding.

Terry and Aaron are two of the loveliest guys you could possibly meet, and show true love for one another!

After our initial meeting we didn't meet again until their engagement shoot at Blenheim Park in Oxfordshire in the spring of 2015, which was great fun and we got to know one another a lot better.

After their engagement shoot other than a Skype meeting we did not meet again until their wedding day at Northcote House, Sunningdale Park, Berkshire a venue which I have been to on a few occasions previously.

The day began with groom and groom preps each in separate rooms of the hotel, so I spent some of my time ducking in and out of each room ensuring I did not miss anything. Each of the guys also had their own groomsmaids aptly named green team and red team :) And Terry and Aaron had jackets to perfectly colour match with the stunning dresses of the groomsmaids!

The rest of the day was equally fun with the Aaron’s dad making one of the funniest speeches I have heard in a long time!

It was a truly great day and one I will remember for a long time!

Below are just a few of my favourite images from their wedding day.

Thank you, Dale.

Terry & Aaron web-12.jpg